We as market leaders offer you every type of rack and cabinet that you need to ensure your reserve power battery.


Martin Kunstmann

About us

AIB KUNSTMANN Reserve GmbH has dealt with the deployment of batteries in stationary plants for more than 35 years. Our aspiration here is to give our employees a social environment, to fulfil the requirements of our customers quickly and reliably, to develop and deliver a product that is optimal for the application case, according to the motto “Made in Germany”.
No matter if you need a rack or cabinet for a small telephone system or several large racks for a computing centre, earthquake-proof racks for nuclear plants, battery cabinets for liquefied gas plants or if you process projects for export. You can receive all this from one source, from AIB KUNSTMANN Reserve GmbH from Bavaria. Our products are sent to the whole world. The entire project management is located in Tussenhausen, including research and development.

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