with drawers for a simple battery check.

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Therefore, you need less clearance, you have more tiers and you can save space.


By special drawer runners and fixation of the cabinets on the floor.


of the batteries is extremely simple with this system.

DRAWER-Cabinet with draw-out compartments.

Facts and figures


The DRAWER-Cabinets are used where batteries require servicing very often and where batteries must be deployed with optimized space utilization.

Special features

The cabinets are equipped with special drawer runners to carry the weight of the batteries and to allow for a simple drawing with up to 2/3 of the compartments. The cabinets must be attached to the floor.

Delivery periods

The DRAWER-Cabinets are a special design with a delivery period of six weeks. Please also consider planning and design periods.

DRAWER-Cabinets fulfil all requirements of DIN EN 50272-2. The parts are electrically conducting and connected with contact washers. You are free to choose the ground connection by an included ground bolt. Trays for the batteries in the cabinet are PE-coated and thus insulated.

The basic material is mainly steel sheet metal which is coated by means of an electrophoresis process. We deliver the DRAWER-Cabinets in standard RAL 7032. All other RAL colours are optionally available upon request. The inner trays are coated with PE RAL 7021.

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