The most compact way to store your batteries with a minimum of available space.

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There is no other rack to bring the highest possible power density to the smallest floor area.


With our software, we go up to 8 tiers, but 12 tiers are also possible.


The racks are precisely calculated, drawn and manufactured for your battery.

A 4-tier, 2-row variant

The slightly larger variant with 6 tiers, 1 row and 2 sections

Here the variant with 12 (or 8) tiers

Facts and figures


The HORIZONTAL-Rack is in particular used for deep front terminal batteries or for lying/horizontal closed batteries such as OPzV. In the software you can find 4 to 8 tiers, with 1 and 2 rows each. Other solutions such as 12 tiers are also possible.

Special features

The rack is individually designed and manufactured for your battery. This rack is therefore the most compact way to store your batteries.

Delivery periods

As we customize the HORIZONTAL-Rack, there is a delivery period of three weeks.

The HORIZONTAL-Racks meet all the requirements of DIN EN 50272-2. The parts are all insulated and the installation site of the battery is insulated against the floor of the installation site. Uncoated metal parts cannot be touched. As an option, racks can also be EPOXY-coated and then, all parts are bolted with contact washers. Finally, the rack can also be grounded.

The basic material is steel with a high-value PE which is plastic-coated by a fluid bed process. The standard colour is RAL 7001 silver grey. With optional EPOXY coating also available in any other RAL colour.

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