Especially designed for rough seas: Specific solutions with hold-down devices and rubber buffers for ships or offshore platforms.

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Secured with hold-down device and rubber buffer.


Ship installations with vibration damper.

Hold-down device

If required for 27.5° inclination.

OFFSHORE-Racks for wind farm platforms with rubber buffer and collecting volume for acid.

OFFSHORE-Racks for oil rigs.

OFFSHORE-Racks for ship installations with rubber buffer.

Facts and figures


OFFSHORE-Racks are a specific solution for a safe storage of batteries on platforms for oil production, on wind farm platforms or on ships.

Special features

We have elaborated many solutions in the last 30 years and we can draw on a variety of designs. However, there are additional requirements from time to time which are then incorporated in the suitable design or for which a new solution is implemented.

Delivery periods

The OFFSHORE-Rack is a customized design with a delivery period of six weeks. Please also consider the planning and design period.

Apart from DIN EN 50272, certain specifications from the customer were taken into account for the design.

The basic material is steel with a high-value PE which is plastic-coated by a fluid bed process. Depending on the variant, the racks are coated in RAL 7021 black grey or RAL 7001 silver grey.

There is no standard download. Just call us and explain your problem and we will find a solution.

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