The Seismic-Rack is specifically designed for your battery and therefore space-optimized.

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Your benefits


in terms of space and assembly.


up to 3.5 g. Take a look at our certificate.


You can draw and calculate with our software.

Both smallest rack, 2-step floor rack.

And the most common rack, 2 tiers, 2 steps each.

And not least, larger units with 2 tiers, 4 rows and 3 sections.

Facts and figures


The SEISMIC-Racks are applied in all fields in which earthquake-proof battery deployment is required.

Special features

Our SEISMIC-Racks in the software are safe from 0.1 g to 1.0 g or from UBC zone 1 to UBC zone 4. Apart from the standard configuration as floor or 2-tier rack with up to 4 steps or rows, we can also develop other special designs. Please simply contact us.

Delivery periods

As the SEISMIC-Rack is customized for your battery, we have a delivery period of four weeks. IABG certificate.

Apart from DIN EN 50272, certain specifications of the customer were taken into account for the design.

The SEISMIC-Racks meet all the requirements of DIN EN 50272-2. The parts are all insulated and the installation site of the battery is insulated against the floor of the installation site. Uncoated metal parts cannot be touched and grounding of the racks is not required.

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