All the common DIN-Trays available in your desired coating and colour in a short time, also material-reduced variants with static proof.

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All the common DIN-Trays available in your desired coating and colour (PE, PUR, paint, overcoated).


Short delivery periods due to our large tray blank warehouse.


Selected DIN-Trays also as material-reduced variant with static proof.

The small top seller tray in special colour (RAL 9007).

The 48V-DIN-C-tray in Jungheinrich-standard colour (JH-GR).

The 80V-DIN-A tray in BT/Linde standard colour (RAL 2002).

The 48V-DIN-A-tray in Jungheinrich standard colour (RAL 1028).

The 48V-DIN-B-tray in in special colour (in RAL 5005)

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DIN-Trays can be used in a variety of devices and vehicles of different manufacturers with standardised battery in the desired colours.

Special features

For material-reduced variants, a material reduction of up to 20 % is possible. Statics are proven with an expert assessment.

The 24V 3/300 DIN B is also available in RAL 7021 as injection-moulded plastic tray.

Delivery periods

Thanks to our large blank tray warehouse, the most common DIN-Trays are available within two days in standard colours RAL 7021, RAL 1028, RAL 2002, JH-GR and RAL 9005, in special colours within five days.

The DIN-Trays fulfil all the standard requirements (DIN 43531, DIN 43535, DIN 43536 und DIN EN 62485-3), each of them is 100 % tested regarding dielectric strength with 5 kV and they are labelled with a quality seal.

Basic material is steel with your desired coating and colour.
Standard is PE coating applied by means of a fluid bed process in colours RAL 7021, RAL 1028, RAL 2002, JH-GR and RAL 9005. In case of common special colours such as RAL 2000, the tray is PE-coated and subsequently sprayed with RAL 2000 powder, which is, compared to wet paint, more resistant to mechanical load.
For all other RAL colours, the tray is PE-coated and then wet-painted. The tray can also be PUR-coated on request and painted in the required colour.

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