We work together with you to develop the appropriate solution for your application case and we manufacture these trays made in Germany.

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With the Lithium-Trays, we have realised our year-long experience in tray building.


Functional, high-quality trays with PE or epoxy coating with variable ballasting plates.


We check the feasibility and support you with design proposals right up to the final solution.

Special LITHIUM-Tray design for 2 levels.

Side opening, combined with standard dimensions.

Facts and figures


Lithium trays are used for applications in which intermediate charging of the battery is often required.
Every lithium tray is an independent project due to the missing standards.

Special features

The tray is equipped with a heavy floor plate and additional, variable ballasting plates due to the small weight of the lithium cells.

Delivery periods

After product development and prototype release, the delivery period is between two and three weeks, depending on the complexity.

Lithium-Trays are manufactured with respect to German quality standards and they are 100 % checked. The trays also meet the requirements of DIN EN 62485-3 (formerly VDE 0510-47 and DIN EN 50272-3) and the new DIN EN 62485-6.

Basic material is steel with your desired coating and colour.
Standard is PE-coating by means of a fluid bed process in colours RAL 7021, RAL 1028, RAL 2002, JH-GR and RAL 9005.
For all other RAL colours, the tray is PE-coated and then painted with wet coating.
Upon request, the lithium tray can also be epoxy-coated and painted in in RAL 7021 oder RAL 1028.

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