Always. Innovative. Better.

Our philosophy

As full-range supplier, we offer »everything«.
We are »always« there for you.
Our aspiration: to be »better« than the others.

Our customers look for more than just top-level products. They look for personal commitment and absolute reliability at all levels. Mature technology, efficient solutions and highest material and processing quality are our minimum aspiration.

We set the benchmark by the interaction of our product qualitites, employees and services. This is how we save trouble, inconvenience, time and money for our customers.

We work efficiently and strive for perfection with every work step. Here, we do not only consider today and the individual product, we always look at the customer requirements, the market and the future.

We provide Power in Perfection.

Our history

08/1982 >  Formation of the sole company Industrie-Bedarf Dieter J. Kunstmann situated in D-86807 Buchloe, Germany

04/1993 >  New branch in D-86874 Tussenhausen

09/1998 >  Introduction of battery rack production

01/2000 >  Formation of a branch in Brilon for battery container coating

05/2003 >  Formation of the subsidiary AccuMetal in the Czech Republic as tray blank supplier

05/2004 >  Expansion in Brilon with a new paint plant

06/2008 >  Expansion of the production in Brilon with a 2. production line

07/2010 >  Completion of the new warehouse in Tussenhausen

06/2012 >  Completion of the dispatch area with transport bridge in Brilon

09/2014 >  Start of production of AIB Coating Service GmbH

01/2016 > New cold hall and extension of office and social rooms in Tussenhausen

01/2018 > A new shipping hall was built in Brilon.

05/2019 > Start of serial production automated manufacturing with coating in CZ-Havran/Most

04/2020 > New construction of a cold hall in Tussenhausen

08/2021 > Foundation of AIB KUNSTMANN America Inc.


Tussenhausen (headquarters)

In our headquarters in Tussenhausen works the majority of our, by now, 200 employees. In the beautiful Allgäu region, we find optimal preconditions, including infrastructure, for logistics, assembly, production and rack component dispatch, as well as for the complete order processing, project management, planning and design of all products.


From standard PE coating to PUR coating and all types of special colours, Brilon is our premium line for trays. Here, all the specific requests regarding trays and logistics are fulfilled. Special labels, special packaging and just-in-time delivery can be realised, just like EX-Tray processing and rail applications.


Is our branch for the production of all types of tray blanks. From DIN-Tray to Lithium-Tray to EX-Trays and the wildest Special-Trays, every tray can be drawn here and manufactured as tray blank. Also manufactured here are charging station systems. In the Most branch, we produce our Renner trays in the Value Line with PE coating in AIB KUNSTMANN quality.

A strong group.

The KUNSTMANN GROUP unifies three independent companies. One for steel processing, and one each for the production of racks and cabinets, as well as trays and charging stations.

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Family business.

Each and everyone contributes to our common success with passion, dedication and, not least, personality. We work hand in hand, every day. And the secret of success is certainly based on our harmonious cooperation.

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Act cautiously.

Every single person and we as a company have understood that we are not only responsible for our customers, but also for our colleagues and for our environment.

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